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Hot-topic about Japanese Kelp (with blessing/wishing words) ~Cutie and Healthy Gift for both personal use and for your beloved

Hot topic about Japanese KelpCutie and Healthy Gift for both personal use and for your beloved

Recently, a Kelp gift has been becoming a very hot topic in Japan. Many television programmes and magazines have introduced it frequently. As we always know that Kelp is considered as healthy food in Japan. For this product, when you put the dried kelp into the water for about 5 minutes, you can see the characters or patterns. The designs include words or phrases such as love, wish, hope etc. (, , 希望) etc.  or some popular Japanese local patterns, or some longer phrases such as Thank you! Sorry! I love you! Etc.

This product is using Made-in-Hokkaido kelp and can be used in various ways:
For example

Put it into hot water to make kelp tea or soup
Eat with food for both fun and health
Add flavor to the food as an ingredient or add color to your lunch box
Drink with other kinds of drinks such as brandy, Japanese wine, or cocktails etc. to enjoy another flavor 

Not only for health sake, this product can allow you to make use of your creation and imagination to make a variety of combinations and can be used in different ways. It is a very recommended amazing gift or souvenir!

The following is the official website:

Please check it out.

Single word. However, if you combine 2 words to form a vocabulary such as 祝+福=祝福
                       Double words which form a vocabulary such as Health, Hope etc.

                                                         Popular patterns (not words)

                              Messages such as Thank you! Congratulations! Sorry etc.

                                               Seasonal/ Regional Special Patterns

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Thursday, February 25, 2016

【2016 Best 10 Japanese Sakura Songs】♥【2016年度ベスト10の桜曲】♥【2016年度日本10大必聽櫻花歌曲】♥【2016年度日本10大必听樱花歌曲】

【2016 Must-Listen Japanese Sakura Songs】

【2016 Best 10 Japanese Sakura So

When we talk about Japan in this season, you may think of Sakura easily. In fact, the Sakura season also means a lot of changes to the Japanese. Since in early April, students start the new academic year and fresh graduates start to work in the society. Every year, there are many Sakura-related songs released. The latest 2016 ranking has come out. The following songs are the most popular Sakura-related songs for the Japanese (The number reflects the ranking.) Why don’t you take some time to listen how the No.1森山直太朗 桜 sounds like?
By the way, my favorite song is the No.7中島美嘉 (Nakashima Mika)桜色舞うころ (Sakurairo mau koro) . I like the melody. Mika san looks beautiful and the PV story is quite touching. 

Although the following song is out of the ranking, I like it since I feel the bittersweet taste of 'Youth' instead of the sad feeling, so I recommend it here.
北乃きい サクラサク

在这个时期提起日本,相信我们都很容易联想起樱花。其实除了是看花的季节外,在日本,3月是一个学生毕业的时候,4月份就是学生开学学生走进社会新生话的季节,每一年在这个时候以樱花为主题的歌曲都非常多,本土的竞争也非常激烈,在这里想为大家介绍一个有日本人自己选出2016年度必听的樱花歌曲。10大排名如下。由森山直太朗 桜夺冠了。这首歌曲基本上已经蝉联了多次冠军,非常具代表性。如果没有听过的朋友,可以听一下看看是不是你喜欢的樱花歌曲?


北乃きい サクラサク


在這個時期提起日本,相信我們都很容易聯想起櫻花。其實除了是看花的季節外,在日本,3月是一個學生畢業的時候,4月份就是學生開學學生走進社會新生話的季節,每一年在這個時候以櫻花為主題的歌曲都非常多,本土的競爭也非常激烈,在這裡想為大家介紹一個有日本人自己選出2016年度必聽的櫻花歌曲。 10大排名如下。由森山直太朗 桜奪冠了。這首歌曲基本上已經蟬聯了多次冠軍,非常具代表性。如果沒有聽過的朋友,可以聽一下看看是不是你喜歡的櫻花歌曲?



北乃きい サクラサク


1. 森山直太朗 桜(独唱)
2. 福山雅治 桜坂
3. コブクロ 桜
4. ケツメイシ さくら
5. 宇多田ヒカル SAKURAドロップス
6. AKB48 桜の木になろう
7. 中島美嘉 桜色舞うころ
8. いきものがかり SAKURA
9. 加藤ミリヤ×清水翔太 Sakura Melody
10. MISIA 桜ひとひら

For reference, you may also visit the following website for more details (Japanese)
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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

★Japanese Cat Caffe★Cat Island★Cat-related information in Japan★


【Cat Day】【Japanese Cat Cafe】【New Café Culture in Japan】【Cat Island】
Mew! Meow! Myao!
Since cats’ mewing sounds ‘Nyan’ in Japan and ‘Nyan’ sounds similar to the sound of 2, 22nd February is the Cat Day in Japan. On 22nd February, although Japanese people do not celebrate that much, they do talk about this topic a lot and share many cute cat photos through SNS such as Twitter and Facebook etc.

By the way, 8th August is the World Cat Day. 29th October is the Cat Day in the United States. 1st March is the Cat Day in Russia.

Recently, the Cat Café has been becoming very popular in Japan, for both local Japanese and foreign tourists. If you would love to enjoy some drinks with some cute cats, why don’t you visit this kind of Cat Café during your trip in Japan.

If you are near the Kanto region such as Tokyo etc., you may visit the following cat café:
If you are near the Kansai region such as Osaka and Kyoto etc, you may visit the following cat café:
If you are near the Hokkaido region, you may visit the following cat café:
If you are near the Kyushu region and Okinawa, you may visit the following cat café:
The following Cat Café has been becoming a very hot topic for foreign tourists, please check it out(Cat Cafe 浅草ねこ園・Cat Cafe Asakusa Nekoen):
↑If you visit this Cat Cafe, you can meet these cats:

Another Hot topic about Cat in Japan is the 'Cat Island'. In this island,  you can see that cats are having a lot of freedom and you may be surrounded by many cats at the same time. In the following article, you can see many cute photos.

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★☆★Sakura! Japanese Sakura! Sakura Blossoms★☆★日本の桜★☆★日本櫻花★☆★

★☆★Sakura! Sakura! Sakura★☆★ 
Wow! Wow! Wow!

Time to enjoy the beautiful Sakura (Cherry Blossom)~~~Right Now!!
When we talk about Japan in this season, I suppose many people think about Sakura (Cherry Blossom). Actually now (February), you can already enjoy a kind of Sakura named Kawazu-zakura(河津桜). If you are going to visit Japan soon, please try to grasp this opportunity to see the beautiful Kawazu-zakura(河津桜)^^

The most famous event of Kawazu-zakura (河津桜まつり) is being held from 10th February to 10th March in Shizuoka ( Izu). Since it is not extremely far away from Tokyo, or Osaka etc., 1-day tour may be possible. However, if you do not want to rush, in addition to Kawazu-zakura, you may spend some more time to enjoy the hot springs and the Mount Fuji as well. Doesn’t it sound good and relaxing? ^^

If you are going to visit the Kanto area and do not want to move so far away, then you may go to visit Saitama (Sakado).
If you are going to visit the Kansai area and do not want to move so far away, then you may go to visit Kyoto (Fushimi).…/yodosuirokawad…
Even if you miss the timing of the Kawazu-zakura, you can still enjoy the Sakura season in March and April all over Japan. So don't worry about that much! However, please do take a look at the following site to check the timing.

By the way, the Three giant Sakura trees of Japan (日本三巨大桜) are as follows:
◆The Miharu Takizakura (三春滝桜) , in Miharu of Fukushima,
◆The Yamataka Shindaizakura (山高神代桜), in Yamataka of Yamanashi
◆The Usuzumizakura(根尾谷淡墨桜), in Neo of Gifu

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