Thursday, March 10, 2016

9th March=3Q=San Kyu=Thank You!? ^^ More about the 9th March of Japan~~~Recommended song 【3月9日(9th March)】with English translation

Oh...... I almost forgot that 9th March is a '3Q'  day which unofficially reminds Japanese people to thank the other people. In Japanese, 9th March is written as 3月9日(3 is pronounced as San and 9 is pronounced as Kyu, therefore 39 can be pronounced as San Kyu.)Since the 'th' is quite difficult to pronounce for non-native English speakers especially Asians, therefore sometimes you may hear Japanese saying 'Thank you' as 'San Kyu'. Therefore, Japanese like using 3Q, 39 to express 'Thank you' in casual occasions. 

Here, I would like to recommend the Japanese song called '3月9日' by レミオロメン. In this graduation season in Japan, this song is quite popular. (o^^o)

Here we go,
Song: ★ 3月9日 (Sangatsu kokonoka) 
Artist: レミオロメン (Remioromen)

【English translation】
In the middle of the flowing season
I suddenly feel the length of the day
In these busy days, I draw a dream of you and me

I send my thoughts with the March breeze
The Sakura keeps on blooming towards the spring
Tiny grains of the overflowing light warms up the morning little by little
After making a big yawn, I see that you are next to me, being a little shy

Standing at the entrance of a new world
I have realized that I am not alone
If I close my eyes and think of you
I wonder how strong I have become
I hope that when you think of me, you can become strong too

Although the hanging clothes are entangled in the whirlwind which sweeps up dust and sand,
the white moon in the morning sky is somehow so beautiful that I have become fascinated

Sometimes things may make you feel upset
If you look at the sky, these miserable things just look so tiny

In the clear blue sky,  
the altocumulus clouds are flowing silently
If we can share the joy of waiting for the flowers to bloom together, it would be such a happy fortune
Even in the future, please stay next to me and smile gently

If I close my eyes and think of you
I wonder how strong I have become

I hope that when you think of me, you can become strong too

Since I am not a professional translator and I just try to translate the lyrics on an interest base.
Therefore, please be noted that I may get some meaning translated wrong due to personal subjectivity. Sorry for that and hope that you have enjoyed my blog. Thanks for reading. If you want me to translate some lyrics, you may request. I may come to know more songs as well.^^ 

I have uploaded the Chinese translation (both Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese) of this song in another blog as well. If you are interested, please check it as well.

From time to time, I will try to share some translated lyrics, together with my recommended songs.
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Thanks for reading! See you~~~3Q! 39! Thank you! (o^^o)