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In recent years, Aoi Eir (藍井エイル) is one of my favorite animation singers. She is beautiful and more important, her voice is full of great power and nice to listen to. Her debut song 'Memoria' (a song of fate/Zero) was a big hit in Japan. Since then, she has kept on hitting great records. On March 2 2016, her 12th single  Accentier (アクセンティア) was released!!! This is a song for Digimon World : next Order (デジモンワールド : Next Order ).
  Regardless of the possible difficulties in translating the lyrics, I do like this song personally. Therefore, I would like to share here. If you have interest, please check it out. This time, I am trying to enclose with the translated English meanings/lyrics. If you are interested in the translated Chinese meanings/lyrics (both Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese) as well, please check the following. This time, in addition to the original Chinese translation (both Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese), I have added a corner of Pinyin: Learning of Chinese by translated lyrics.

Since I am not sure whether it is legal to copy the original Japanese lyrics here or not due to the copyright problem. If you are interested in the original Japanese lyrics, please search for it on the internet.

From time to time, I will try to share some translated lyrics, together with my recommended songs.
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Here we go,
Song:  Accentier (アクセンティア)
Artist:  Aoi Eir (藍井エイル)
✳︎デジモンワールド : Next Order  (Digimon World : next Order).


Aoi Eir (藍井エイル)
Accentier (アクセンティア)
【Translated English meanings/lyrics】
Even for today, you keep on pretending that you do not feel anything
Since if you are treated nicely,
you can no longer stand on your own

The past that you want to re-make
and the light that you have forgotten
You do not know which one is more important

The reason why there are so many songs of love and hope
is because everyone is hoping to see so much

 The Accentier which is staring at you right now
Hoping that your heart does not get broken
Being alone all the time does not make you walk
Yep! Even for today and for tomorrow, even 1 year goes by, it is not the goal
The Accentier which is hugging you
A small gift is taken out
The strength which connects hearts to hearts is now put into your right hand
I want to fly into the sky,
I want to catch the stars,
Why we start not to say something like this as we grow up?

I want to drag your piled-up days into this hand
and share the smiles and the tears with you
After the rain, let's go to catch the rainbow
With you, I should fear nothing
The Accentier is in your heart now
The warmth is wrapping you up
Stay with me always
I am protecting you
and no matter how tomorrow looks like, you should fear nothing
and one day you will become the Accentier also
when you feel lonely, recall the gift which you have clenched
You just need to do this and things will change
I wish that we can live in a world which is full of songs of love and hope
The Accentier which is staring at you right now
Sees through the wound of your heart
You have been trying to walk alone all the time
Yep! Even for today and for tomorrow, even 1 year goes by, I will not give up
The Accentier which is hugging me
The gift is shining in my palms
If our hearts are linked together
We can surely fly much higher and higher
Let's push up both of our hands


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#Accentier (アクセンティア) 
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