Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Highlights of some Minor news in these recent days~ Japan, China, Vietnam, Indonesia and Thailand


As you know, nowadays, people all over the world are trying to catch up with the latest news. There are many news channels and there is an excessive amount of important information rushing to you every day. I guess you can read the hot topics very easily from whatever channel you like. Then, how about some minor news? Have you ever paid even a little attention to them? I have picked up some side-way news for you to read in a more relaxing manner. If you are interested, please try to read.


◆Funassyi character lends support, product license to Tohoku recovery groups

The pear-like character Funassyi may seem at first glance to be from another world, but the unofficial mascot of Funabashi, Chiba Prefecture, is starting to make a real difference in this one.
The yurukyara character, notable as much for its excess of energy as for the mystery surrounding its creator, has privately donated part of the proceeds from its activities to people who suffered from the devastating March 11 disasters, which mark their fifth anniversary Friday.
The character’s involvement, and that of its masked inventor, in the fund has also caused a ripple effect whereby it has received donations from people simply because they are fans of the mascot, he said.
◆Hon Hai looks to delay signing of Sharp bailout as talks with creditor banks over losses continue

Taiwan’s Hon Hai Precision Industry Co. may delay until next week the signing of a deal to acquire struggling Japanese electronics maker Sharp Corp., due to ongoing talks with Sharp’s two main creditor banks over the firm’s potential future losses, it was learned Tuesday.

To prepare for possible future losses, Hon Hai is asking Mizuho and Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ to accept a cut in the price at which the firm would buy preferred Sharp shares held by the banks from the currently planned ¥100 billion or to set a new line of credit for Sharp, the sources said.
300,000 Chinese officials 'punished for corruption' last year

China punished almost 300,000 officials for graft last year as President Xi Jinping continued to wage a high-profile war against corruption. Among those ensnared by the wide-ranging crackdown were 200,000 who were given “light disciplinary punishments” and another 82,000 who were handed “severe disciplinary punishments and major demotions”.


◆Vietnam twins came from different fathers, doctor says

Vietnam has identified an extremely rare case of bi-paternal twins — twins with different fathers — a professor at a DNA testing lab in Hanoi said Tuesday.
A set of twins born to a Vietnamese couple, whose names have not been released, were recently taken for testing because of stark differences in the children’s appearances, according to local reports.
“This is rare not only for Vietnam, but for the world,” he said, explaining that the two children had different fathers but the same mother.

 Vietnam23 VN firms eligible to export tra catfish to US

The United States (US) has released a list of eligible catfish exporters of four countries, including Việt Nam, who could ship their products to that country. These products would be shipped under the inspection programme of the US for Siluriformes fish, including catfish. They are 23 plants in Việt Nam 19 plants in China, 13 plants in Myanmar and 7 in Thailand, according to the website.


Total solar eclipse darkens skies in Indonesia

The rare and awe-inspiring spectacle of a total solar eclipse unfolded over parts of Indonesia and the Indian and Pacific Oceans, around midday Wednesday local time. Thanks to clear skies, the full eclipse was visible to several million people within its narrow path, including eclipse chasers who travelled from around the world for a chance to witness it.

Kobkarn denies water throwing ban 

The Tourism and Sports Minister has dismissed reports the government will ban people from throwing water during the Songkran festival. Throwing water is the highlight of the Songkran festival, which usually runs between April 13 and 15. Information on water reserves is a key factor for the government to make a decision on water usage during the Songkran festivities, she said. 

Among these news, which piece has interested you the most. Personally, I think 'Vietnam twins come from different fathers' the most interesting. 
“This is rare not only for Vietnam, but for the world,” → Absolutely agree!!! (;゜0゜)

Hope that you enjoy this kind of information sharing. 
Thanks for readying. See you~~~