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Music Fun for the song ‘Little Apple (Xiao Ping Guo)’ (the most popular Chinese song in 2015) from a variety of angles

Most popular song in China for 2015: Little Apple (Xiao Ping Guo)

Music Fun for the song ‘Little Apple’ from a variety of angles

Chopsticks Brothers: Little AppleTranslated English Meaning

Korean Version (Official)English Version (Unofficial)

Japanese Version (Unofficial)Pinyin Learning

★◆★ Music Fun for the song ‘Little Apple (Xiao Ping Guo)’ (the most popular Chinese song in 2015) from a variety of angles ★◆★

In 2015, there was a Chinese song called ‘Little Apple (Xiao Ping Guo 小苹果)’, bringing various entertainment effects to China, as well as to some foreign countries. The melody is quite easy to remember. The song is still loved by many people, regardless of the age, the gender and the nationality etc. 

When you search in the internet, you may find a lot of related information about this song in both the websites and the Youtube. Here, I am trying to pick up some youtube videos that I think worth watching. In addition, as you may see that the Chinese Chorus lyrics are always kept in different versions, I have added the pinyin (assistance of pronunciation) and the translated meanings for the Chorus part. Hope that you enjoy this song much more from a greater variety of angles.


Let’s start the journey (^^)

First, the original Chinese official MV

筷子兄弟-小苹果 MV

Then, let’s enjoy the official Korean version which is performed by a group of beautiful girls called T-ara.
T-ara: Little Apple

Since this song is liked by many foreign people outside China, this unofficial English version sounds amazing to me as well. The singer sings well and the video is interesting.

小苹果 Xiao Ping Guo [My Little Apple] - Shaun Gibson

Next, although the Japanese lyrics seem a little bit strange sometimes, it is still worth paying attention to this unofficial Japanese version, performed by a famous vocaloid character Hatsune Miku:

小さいりんご(小苹果日本版)by 初音ミク

Chinese Chorustogether with pinyin and translated English meanings:
nǐ shì wǒ de xiǎo ya xiǎo píngguǒ er
(You are my little apple)

zěnme ài nǐ dōu bù xián duō
(No matter how much I love you, it is still not enough)

hóng hóng de xiǎo liǎn er wēnnuǎn wǒ de xīnwō
(Your red face makes my heart feel warm)

diǎn liàng wǒ shēngmìng de huǒ huǒ huǒ huǒ huǒ
点亮我生命的火 火火火火火
(The fire which lights up my life   Fire fire fire fire fire)

nǐ shì wǒ de xiǎo ya xiǎo píngguǒ er
(You are my little apple)

jiù xiàng tiānbiān zuìměi de yúnduǒ
(Like the most beautiful cloud in the sky)

chūntiān yòu lái dàole huā kāi mǎn shānpō
(The spring has come again and the flowers are blooming all over the mountains)

zhǒng xià xīwàng jiù huì shōuhuò
(If you plant ‘Hope’, you will be able to reap)

If you would like to learn how to sing in original Chinese lyrics, you may visit the following video to learn more about the Pinyin of this song.

The following Metal Cover version performed by a foreign singer is interesting as well. We may enjoy this song with another flavor ^^:



In addition to singing the song in various ways, there are still a lot of great performers arranging this song in other ways, like in various musical instruments:

T-ARA(티아라) & Chopsticks Brothers - Little Apple Electric Guitar Cover

In Youtube, there are still a lot of amazing videos about this song. ^^
Hope that you enjoy this kind of information sharing.
Thanks for reading! See you~~~