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In recent days, the animation movie named君の名は。』(きみのなは)Kimi No Na wa, is a big hit all over Japan. Moreover, the theme song 前前前世(Zen Zen Zense)』performed by RADWIMPS is also becoming a hit song.  Here, I would like to translate another song 'Yume Tourou  (夢灯籠)'. 

Regardless of the possible difficulties in translating the lyrics, I do like this song personally. Therefore, I would like to share here. If you have interest, please check it out. This time, I am trying to enclose with the translated English meanings/lyrics. If you are interested in the translated Chinese meanings/lyrics (both Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese) as well, please check the following.

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From time to time, I will try to share some translated lyrics, together with my recommended songs.
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【Translated English meanings/lyrics】

Ah ah~ I really wish that our voices will not disappear even when they reach the farthest place of the world and wish that we could hear each other

If this could become true, what kind of words should we shout out?
Let's count THREE and make the everlasting promise together

Ah ah~ 'If only one wish could become true, what wish should I make?' I do not know from when and why this kind of thought has disappeared from my mind.

Ah ah~ When the rain stops, it is also the time for the rainbow to appear and end
We always discussed and argued about what would be there when our lives end

Let's go
Let's give a high-five to the feeling that is not yet discovered and developed, and then give a kiss to the time

Even though I might be teased by the 5th dimension, I would still keep on looking at you
Let's decide the signal for the situation of  'Nice to meet you for the first time' again
Your name, I am chasing after

Hope that you have enjoyed my translated English meanings as well (o^^o)
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Since I am not a professional translator and I just try to translate the lyrics on an interest base.
Therefore, please be noted that I may get some meanings/ lyrics translated wrong due to personal subjectivity. Sorry for that and hope that you have enjoyed my blog.