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On 5th October 2016, AAA released a song called 『 涙のない世界(Namida No Nai Sekai)』, meaning 'a world without tears'. 

Official Music Video:

Regardless of the possible difficulties in translating the lyrics, I do like this song personally. Therefore, I would like to share here. If you have interest, please check it out. This time, I am trying to enclose with the translated English meanings/lyrics. If you are interested in the translated Chinese meanings/lyrics (both Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese) as well, please check the following.

From time to time, I will try to share some translated lyrics, together with my recommended songs.
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【Translated English meanings/lyrics】
Do you know? 
When the two people who do not know what to do,
touch each other's fingers in the air,  they know that their love story has started

Do you know? 
Even when people are standing within the ambiguous boundary between the right and the wrong, they seldom notice

Even if I concentrate on hearing your voice
Even if I concentrate on staring at your smile
Even if I try hard to touch your heart

I fail to let you know

If a world without tears really exists,
please lead me there immediately
In the future without you, I am alone
searching for a love that I will never experience again

Do you know? 
The walked footsteps above the snow are just like
the love that will disappear as time goes by 

Do you know? 
The memories which two of us built up little by little 
will continuously be recalled again and again

The cry disappears in the wind
Even if I try hard to touch, only the cold feeling is left there
I will go on shouting your names until you can hear my voice

If a world without tears really exists,
I want to go there with you right now
Even it seems an illusion or a dream
I want you to smile again like that day

As a matter of course, the snow has turned white
and the scenery that we saw has disappeared 
Those words which we spoke of million times,
have lost the warmth that existed that day
Just like this street which has lost colors, tastes, smells, and everything 

I'll be there
Like the wind that surrounds you

If I have to go to a world without smiles
I want to stay here by your side forever
Even it seems an illusion or a dream,
I want you to smile again like that day

A small bouquet
Petals which are dancing in the wind
The scent which smells like you
Hopeless feeling 


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