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In recent days, the animation movie named君の名は。』(きみのなは)Kimi No Na wa, is a big hit all over Japan. Moreover, the theme song 前前前世(Zen Zen Zense)』performed by RADWIMPS is also becoming a hit song.  If you are interested in the translated English meanings of Zen Zen Zense, please refer to the following link:

Here, I would like to recommend another nice song about 'Kimi No Na wa'. This is a Chinese promotion song for this movie in Taiwan. The title is 'Song About You' performed by Mayday.

If you would like to know the Pinyin of the lyrics to sing this song, please check the following:

If you are interested in the translated English meanings of 如果我們不曾相遇 What If We Had Never Met, which is performed by Mayday as well, please refer to the following:

Regardless of the possible difficulties in translating the lyrics, I do like this song personally. Therefore, I would like to share here. If you have interest, please check it out. This time, I am trying to enclose with the translated English meanings/lyrics. 

From time to time, I will try to share some translated lyrics, together with my recommended songs.
If you have interest in this kind of sharing as well, what should you do?? haha... Of course, then you should keep an eye on my blog or you may try to send requests to me. Thanks!

【Translated English meanings/lyrics】
I want to write a song about you
I want to raise a cat
I want to return to every scene, slowing down the speed of every watch
Let's build a castle in the corner between the change from 'Children' to 'Adults'
Let's be nice, nicely crazy to get mad,
just like twins who have lost each other for years

Life does not last longer than the firework running down from the corners of eyes
The world is not bigger than our smiles when we are looking at each other
Among all the landscapes and all the crowds, you treat me the best
Everything is nice.
Is everything too nice? Nobody knows.

You and I are carrying empty bags
Trying to escape from the prison called 'Daily Life'
We forget to grow up
We forget to get old
We forget that time has feet to walk

In the quietest moments, the memories are the most noisy
In the most bustling carnival, the loneliness is surrounding the isolated island
I once thought that I could tame myself to overcome the loneliness like a home cat
However, the lonely feeling is just sitting in the corner of the sofa and refusing to fall asleep

You and I were once full of feathers
We were performing a dance called 'Youth'
We did not know about the future
We did not know about troubles and worries
We did not know that those happy days would be so few

Watching the movie about 'Time', in the ending,
we finally come to know that there are no more nursery songs for adults
The last exhort
The last hug
We are laughing with red eyes

'We should take good care of ourselves'
so that REGRET will not be able to disturb us
We should live well
We should get old
I should try to pretend that I have already forgotten you

Hope that you have enjoyed my translated English meanings as well (o^^o)
In addition to this song, I have also translated the meanings/ lyrics of some other Japanese songs as well. If you are interested, please check them as well.

Thanks for reading.^^ See you~~~

Since I am not a professional translator and I just try to translate the lyrics on an interest base.
Therefore, please be noted that I may get some meanings/ lyrics translated wrong due to personal subjectivity. Sorry for that and hope that you have enjoyed my blog. 

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