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Alexandros has released a new album 『EXIST!』. Here, I would like to share the translated English meanings of the song 『ムーンソング(Moon Song)』.

歌曲:  ムーンソング
歌手/演唱者:  Alexandros

Regardless of the possible difficulties in translating the lyrics, I do like this song personally. Therefore, I would like to share here. If you have interest, please check it out. This time, I am trying to enclose with the translated English meanings/lyrics. If you are interested in the translated Chinese meanings/lyrics (both Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese) as well, please check the following:

From time to time, I will try to share some translated lyrics, together with my recommended songs.
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【Translated English meanings/lyrics】

Until the morning we were side by side
We got entangled by the night and we were trying to tear the night
It seems like there'd be no end
We laughed that it would never end

In autumn nights, the weather became cooler
Except each other, we did not touch anything
The cheap lighter was used to light up the moistened fireworks

It was so bright, high
It was so bright, high

The lit fireworks did not last for even a minute
The surrounding became dim and we were unable to see clearly
The street lights made our way to home bright

Last night, I suddenly remembered those bright days
However, since there were only separated fragments left behind,
I felt very painful

And all the things we've done are slowly fading away from the memory
Those large teardrops which once fell down along the cheeks had disappeared
Now we're dropped into the new phase gotta throw away all the history
Go and hide in the clouds

We were so bright, high
We were so bright, high

In the world without you,
how long can I survive?
The ripples appearing on the surface of the water which had the reflection of the moon were symbols of anxiety

Now that's it's over and we can't go back
We cannot go back again, we cannot
Until the end I was so young and fool
Broke the childish history

In order not to get hurt
I tried to look at things from the third-party position
I was afraid to become the involved party
but used my hands to make ripples of love

And all the things I've done are slowly changing the way from the theory
Those large raindrops brought back the memory and then went away
Now we're dropped into the new phase gotta throw away all the history
I put out my tongue from the rainclouds

I feel so high, high
I feel so high, high

In the world without light,
how long can I keep my sight?
I decide to move to the 'NEXT' place without the assistance of the moon

In the world without you
how long can I survive?
Now you are not here anymore
Then I should use my own strength to become the moon
La la la la, la la la
La la la, la la


Hope that you have enjoyed my translated English meanings as well (o^^o)
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Since I am not a professional translator and I just try to translate the lyrics on an interest base.
Therefore, please be noted that I may get some meanings/ lyrics translated wrong due to personal subjectivity. Sorry for that and hope that you have enjoyed my blog. 

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