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RADWIMPS has released a new album named as 'Ningen Kaika (人間開花)'. In addition to many new songs, it also includes the popular songs which have been used for the big hit movie 'Kimi no na wa (Your name)(君の名は)'such as’Zen zen zense (前前前世)’ and 'Sparkle (スパークル)' .
The songs included in this album are as follows.

収録曲 (Song List)
01. Lights go out
02. 光
04. トアルハルノヒ
05. 前前前世 [original ver.]
06. ‘I’ Novel
07. アメノヒニキク
08. 週刊少年ジャンプ
09. 棒人間
10. 記号として
11. ヒトボシ
12. スパークル [original ver.]
13. Bring me the morning
14. O&O
15. 告白

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If you are interested in the translated English meanings of the song 'Zen zen zense (前前前世)', please check the following:

If you are interested in the translated English meanings of the song 'Sparkle (スパークル)', please check the following:

Here, I would like to share the translated English meanings of the song 'Hikari (光)'
Music Video:

If you are interested in the translated Chinese meanings of this song 'Hikari (光)' as well, please check the following:

【Translated English meanings/lyrics】
My life does not seem to make sense
Even now, do you still have me inside your heart?
With a pleasant look and a laughter, I am telling a nonsense story

In the right street, in the right song,
only one person is left behind
While rolling, we are sticking to each other
I may really want to destroy you

If so, what should I say?
I think I may say something with a smile
Just want to tell you this

We were shining
We were shining
We were flying in the bright sky
We were flying freely, being attached to a fixed necklace
Now, we just want to dream the dream

In the street where only miracles occur,
we met and fell in love
However, when I am here, I feel a bit too lonely
What do you think about it?

Let's escape now
Otherwise, we would soon disappear from here
Perhaps the yellow signal does not look so bright since the stars are shining too brightly

We were shining
We were making noise
Although we did not even know how to cry, 
we pulled each other together
Look! The sky, which is only filled with the forbidden love, is now shining brightly 

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In addition to this song, I have also translated the meanings/ lyrics of some other Japanese songs as well. If you are interested, please check them as well. Please check the folder  'Recommended Japanese songs with English translation'

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Since I am not a professional translator and I just try to translate the lyrics on an interest base.
Therefore, please be noted that I may get some meanings/ lyrics translated wrong due to personal subjectivity. Sorry for that and hope that you have enjoyed my blog. 

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