Tuesday, March 8, 2016

【Happy Women’s Day】【8th March】【Peripheral information about 38】【Peripheral information about 8】【38婦女節】【38妇女节】

   On 8th March, I guess many places all over the world celebrate the International Women's Day in various ways. Department stores and restaurants offer discounts for certain products. In many regions, this day is considered as a Public Holiday as well. Women do not need to work on this day. However, in Japan, rather than the 8th March (the International Women's Day), the 3rd March (the Girl's Day or the Doll's Day) is discussed and celebrated at a larger scale.
    In one of my previous blogs, I have shared some information about the Girl’s Day (3rd March) in Japan. If you are interested, please refer to:

   In this blog, I am going to share some information about the Women’s Day (8th March) in some Chinese-speaking places. In 1924, the Chinese Communist Party held its first Women's Day ceremony in Guangzhou. In 1949, the PRC's Central Government officially founded the 8th March as the Women's Day. The mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau officially celebrate the 8th March as the Women's Day. Women usually do not need to work on this day. However, it still sometimes depends on the company policy.

   In addition, I would like to share some peripheral information about ‘38’ (here, instead of meaning thirty-eight, it means ‘Three’ and ‘Eight’ separately.) In Chinese, when they write the date, they write the 8th March in this way, mentioning the month first, that is 38. In Chinese, sometimes when some women bother you so much or like gossips too much, Chinese people may call them ’38 (San Ba)’ Although the word ‘8’ sometimes relates to ‘wealth’ , it is sometimes used to describe some concepts related to ‘Noisy’, ‘Disturbing’, ‘Gossips’ etc. such as 8(meaning Gossip, pronounced as Ba Gua), 8 (meaning Gossip Girl, pronounced as Ba Po) . Of course, these terms are quite rude. Therefore, please avoid using them in formal occasions~~~

Anyway, regardless of the gender and the nationality,
Happy Women’s Day!!! ^^

The following video is a video made by someone dedicated to women (in Chinese). If you are interested, you may take a quick look at it as well: 

Hope that you enjoy this kind of information. Thanks for reading! See you~~~