Tuesday, March 1, 2016

【29th February】 【Meat Day】【Garlic Day】【Fujikyu Day】

29th FebruaryMeat Day】【Garlic Day】【Fujikyu Day

   In Jpan, since 29 sounds similar to meat (niku), the day 29 is regarded as the Meat Day. Therefore, many meat shops and restaurants offer coupons and cheaper prices for their meat menus. Usually, there is always One Meat Day every month, and in February, the 9th of February is the Meat Day (in Japan 9th of February is often written as 2月9日 ). 

 Since 2016 is a leap year which has the day of 29th February, there are two Meat Days in February (Smile). Moreover, 29th November is regarded as the ‘Good Meat Day’. If you want to enjoy meat at cheaper prices in Japan, please do pay attention to the 29th of every month.

By the way, 29th February is also regarded as:
★Garlic Day ニンニクの日「にん(2)(2)(9)
★Fujikyu Day 富士急の日「ふ(2)(2)きゅう(9)

The following website shows a very popular theme park (Fuji-Q Highland):

All over the world, one more great news for those who have been supporting Leonardo DiCaprio, that is on the 29th February 2016 (Asia Time Zone), Leonardo DiCaprio eventually won the Oscar Academy Award for the Best Actor. Congratulations!!!

What kind of 29th February have you experienced? 

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