Monday, February 29, 2016

Hot-topic about Japanese Kelp (with blessing/wishing words) ~Cutie and Healthy Gift for both personal use and for your beloved

Hot topic about Japanese KelpCutie and Healthy Gift for both personal use and for your beloved

Recently, a Kelp gift has been becoming a very hot topic in Japan. Many television programmes and magazines have introduced it frequently. As we always know that Kelp is considered as healthy food in Japan. For this product, when you put the dried kelp into the water for about 5 minutes, you can see the characters or patterns. The designs include words or phrases such as love, wish, hope etc. (, , 希望) etc.  or some popular Japanese local patterns, or some longer phrases such as Thank you! Sorry! I love you! Etc.

This product is using Made-in-Hokkaido kelp and can be used in various ways:
For example

Put it into hot water to make kelp tea or soup
Eat with food for both fun and health
Add flavor to the food as an ingredient or add color to your lunch box
Drink with other kinds of drinks such as brandy, Japanese wine, or cocktails etc. to enjoy another flavor 

Not only for health sake, this product can allow you to make use of your creation and imagination to make a variety of combinations and can be used in different ways. It is a very recommended amazing gift or souvenir!

The following is the official website:

Please check it out.

Single word. However, if you combine 2 words to form a vocabulary such as 祝+福=祝福
                       Double words which form a vocabulary such as Health, Hope etc.

                                                         Popular patterns (not words)

                              Messages such as Thank you! Congratulations! Sorry etc.

                                               Seasonal/ Regional Special Patterns

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