Saturday, March 5, 2016

Competition between 2 Peaks in Japan: Beautiful Plum Blossom Vs Terrible Hay fever/ Pollen Allergy【綺麗な梅祭り Vs 恐ろしい花粉症】

【Competition between 2 Peaks in Japan: 
Beautiful Plum Blossom Vs Terrible Hay fever/ Pollen Allergy

In early March, it is still too early to see Sakura (Cherry Blossom) in Tokyo. However, it is a great timing to see plum blossom. For me, sometimes the plum blossom really looks like cherry blossom(o^^o)
……haha… Well, of course, the commonality is that both cherry blossom and plum blossom are really very beautiful and the flowers do have vivid amazing colors.

Actually in this warmer season, I do feel more energetic and I should. However, in Japan, the peak season of hay fever/ pollen allergy has started as well (Crying)>< Therefore, don’t feel surprised that when you see so many Japanese people wearing masks and special glasses in the street. They may look strange but actually they are really suffering from the hay fever very very very much. Sometimes they even say that they want to take off their eyeballs and have them washed neatly. Not only in this season, but there are also several peaks of hay fever during the year. So if one day you come to visit Japan, you may check whether it is the peak of hay fever or not.

But if you are a foreign tourist, you may not be affected that much. Why? 
There is a rumour that since the local Japanese people have been growing up in the same country for so many years, their immunity capacities against the hay fever have been fully filled, once the local Japanese people lose the immunity capacities, they start to suffer from the hay fever, with a gradually-rising level. Oh my god, poor them >< That is why if you are new to the country, then you may still have large immunity capacities to fight against the hay fever naturally. Hehe…woooop, lucky you~~~^^

Sometimes, I wonder that isn’t it I have started to suffer from the hay fever. Oh, poor me. ><  After reading some reference materials, I found that the greatest difference between Allergic Rhinitis and Hay Fever is that if my eyes do not feel itchy, then it is just Allergic Rhinitis. Since my eyes don’t feel itchy, it is just Allergic Rhinitis. Ooooop, should I feel relieved? Hehe….actually maybe no, because in this season which has a great difference between the day temperature (for example, 16 Degree Celsius ) and the night temperature (for example, 4 Degree Celsius), I still sneeze a lot and may catch a flu easily. I still need to wear masks. Fortunately, the good-quality hot green tea keeps me warm and healthy in this season~~~ www(o^^o)www

Thanks for reading. See you ^^