Tuesday, November 22, 2016

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In recent years, the art of Latte is highly appreciated. Whether you are a fan of Latte or not, you may probably like the amazing patterns made on the top. Have you ever tried a cup of latte, having your favorite photo pattern reflected on the top? 

When people come to Tokyo Japan, they often go to visit Harajuku as well. During this week, Nescafe Harajuku ネスカフェ原宿and Nescafe Sannomiya (ネスカフェ三宮) will be holding a special event in which you can make your own cup of Photo Latte(フォトラテ).

Brief introduction about this Photo Latte event
・Dates:22nd November 2016(Tuesday)〜27th November 2016(Sunday)
・Places:  Nescafe Harajuku (ネスカフェ原宿)
                  Nescafe Sannomiya(ネスカフェ三宮)

★Nescafe Harajuku (ネスカフェ原宿)
(Walk about 2 minutes from JR Harajuku Station, Takeshita Exit)

Working hours:11:00~21:00

★Nescafe Sannomiya(ネスカフェ三宮)
(Walk about 3 minutes from Sannomiya Station)
Working hours:7:30~20:00

Please refer to the official website for more details about this 
Nescafe Photo Latte event

Moreover, you may finish the following steps to get an extra Latte Ticket:
1. Enjoy your cup of Photo Latte and take the photo of it at Nescafe Harajuku (ネスカフェ原宿)or at Nescafe Sannomiya(ネスカフェ三宮).

2. Add the following Hashtags and post to the SNS

3. When you pay, please show the SNS screen to get the Latte Ticket
(*The ticket can be used for the next time)

Thanks for reading. See you~

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