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(Kawaguchiko Japan) Some Guidelines which help you plan a better short trip to Kawaguchiko/Lake Kawaguchi ~ during the Fuji Shiba-sakura/Shibazakura Festival period

Japanese Sakura is really very beautiful. As it is getting warmer and warmer, there is a variety of flowers blooming in Japan. I went to the Mount Fuji and enjoyed the Shibazakura Festival and the Lake Kawaguchi as well. The weather was so nice and I took some beautiful pictures.


If you are interested in Hakone as well, please check the following as well:
(Hakone Japan) Useful guidelines which help you make a more unique visit plan to Hakone/Odawara/Gotemba ~ you'd better know them in advance

Please refer to the following official English website for more detailed information about this Shibazakura Festival.

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Around Lake Kawaguchi

You may take train or bus from Tokyo to Kawaguchiko, or even directly to Fuji Shibazakura Festival Site.
For more details about the highway bus, please refer to the following:

For more details about the Fujikyu-railway, please refer to the following:

After you visit Hakone/Gotemba, you may also go to Kawaguchiko station by bus from the Gotemba Outlet, please refer to the following for the bus schedules(Japanese):

【Recommended short-visit Courses】

If you just have 1 day to stay around the Lake Kawaguchi, then you may consider the following courses.

You may take the Shibazakura Liner bus to the Fuji Shibazakura Site. 
For more transportation details, please refer to the following:

After visiting the Fuji Shibazakura Site, then you may go to those famous caves by bus. There are several popular caves such as Wind Cave, Ice Cave, Bat Cave etc. You may choose which to visit based on your preference and your time. Personally, no matter which extra caves you would like to visit, the Wind Cave and the Ice Cave are highly recommended.

For more details about the Wind Cave and the Ice Cave, please refer to the following:

After walking around the Cave area, then you may go back to the Kawaguchiko station and have a meal of Houtou noodles. The following restaurant is recommended:

Station front store

Open hours:11a.m. 〜 7 p.m.

After having your delicious meal and enjoying the beautiful evening view of the Mount Fuji, you may just take the highway bus back to Tokyo/Shinjyuku at the Kawaguchiko Station. Certainly, you may also take the train as well.

If you do not want to visit those Caves after visiting the Fuji Shibazakura Site, you may get back to the Kawaguchiko station. You may go to visit Fuji-Q Highland or some sight-seeing spots around the Lake Kawaguchi/ Kawaguchiko.

For some recommended courses, please refer to the following:

For more details about the Fuji-Q Highland, please refer to the following:

【Fuji Shiba-sakura/Shibazakura Festival】

Official Website:

For transportation information, please refer to the following:

*The Shibazakura Liner is run ONLY during the Fuji Shibazakura/Shiba-sakura period. Please consider that the traffic jam may make the 30-minute bus tour longer. 

        Big Mount Fuji    

Mount Fuji and the Kawaguchiko Station (Evening)

Mount Fuji+Lake Kawaguchi/Kawaguchiko

Mount Fuji piled up by Shiba-sakura/Shibazakura

Mount Fuji+Shiba-sakura/Shibazakura

 Anemone Coronaria

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