Tuesday, August 8, 2017

What do you think about the popular Chinese drama ? Want to watch Season 2?

#Princess Agents
#趙麗穎  赵丽颖   Zhao Li Ying  チャオ・リーイン
#林更新   Lin Geng Xin

After watching the ending of the popular Chinese drama <Princess Agents>, there are many people complaining about the ending (maybe including me haha). 
I got shocked about the ending. 😱  

The actors and the actresses chosen in this drama are actually quite good.😊 They have good looks and good acting skills. In the beginning, the story went quite smooth and interesting with suitable tempos and with several unsolved mysteries. Therefore, I supposed that as more and more characters appeared, we could know more about the hidden stories, and more and more truths would be discovered. However, actually after watching the ending, there are still so many important mysteries unsolved. 

Getting close to the ending, I started to worry about that in the remaining episodes, would there be enough time to reveal so many truths. In addition, there were not so many impressive interactions between Xing'er (Chu Qiao) and Yuewen Yue (Oh too bad~~~😰😳).  Although they have feelings towards each other, they do not show usually. They are so cute and true love. Really want them to have more sweet and funny episodes (here, do not even want to mention about their ending😡😭).  

Then, I start to guess that the ending might be a relatively rough ending. Oh my god! The 'roughness' of the ending was even beyond my imagination. 

Obviously, maybe the working team wants to prepare some lines for Season 2. Even if there will be Season 2, audience may not want any change in the combination of the leading actors and actresses, right? However, the leading actors and actresses are now quite popular and have quite a lot of work in hand. Then, it may take time to arrange the schedules of the main characters, especially Zhao Li Ying is now very busy and quite fully occupied by work. Even if there could be Season 2, does it mean that we may need to wait for at least 2 years? Grasping the hot trend now, producing a film to extend the story may not be a bad idea (just personally). 

Although I am a bit disappointed about the ending, I still appreciate the good work of the team. At least, they have chosen so many excellent actors and actresses for this drama. They have introduced a good novel: 瀟湘冬兒's《11處特工皇妃》to us. If we want to know about the story, we may try to read the novel (although the contents may not be 100% the same). When we read the novel, we may imagine the characters performing the scenes. 

What do you think about the ending of <Princess Agents>? Are you longing for Season 2? 😏😎