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Some common greetings during the Chinese New Year

As you may know that the Chinese New Year is considered as the biggest festival for the Chinese. Chinese all over the world celebrate it. Here, I am going to share some common simple words and phrases.


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English meaning
春节 春節 chūn jié Chinese New Year
过年 過年 guò nián celebrate the New Year
压岁钱 壓歲錢 yā suì qián lucky money, New Year's Money
红包 紅包 hóng bāo red packet
利是 利是 lì shì red packet
水饺 水餃 shuǐ jiǎo dumpling
汤圆 湯圓 tāng yuán Tang yuan
春联 春聯 chūn lián Spring Festival couplets
挥春 揮春 huī  chūn Fai Chun
fú  fortune or good luck
祝福 祝福 zhù fú blessing
新年快乐 新年快樂 xīn nián kuài lè Happy New Year

When people meet each other during the Chinese New Year, they usually start with the following greetings, meaning 'Congratulations! Wish you a prosperous year!'

恭喜发财!  (Simplified Chinese)
恭喜發財!  (Traditional Chinese)
Gong Xi Fa Cai  (Mandarin)
Kung Hei Fat Choi  (Cantonese)

Below, I am going to share some other common simple blessing words/phrases.

繁體字  Traditional Chinese 拼音
Cantonese Pinyin English meaning Japanese Furigana
恭喜发财 恭喜發財 gōng xǐ  fā cái gung1 hei2 faat3 coi4  May you have a prosperous New Year! (New Year's greeting) ゴンヘイファッチョイ
迎春接福 迎春接福 yíng chūn jiē fú jing4 ceon1 zip3 fuk1  Welcome the Spring and the good fortune イングチュンジェフォー
身体健康 身體健康 shēn tǐ jiàn kāng san1 tai2 gin6 hong1 Wish you good health サンタイギンホン
万事如意 萬事如意 wàn shì rú yì maan6 si6 jyu4 ji3  May all your hopes be fulfilled マンシーユーイ
财进 招財進寶 zhāo cái  jìn bǎo ziu1 coi4 zeon3 bou2  Wish you wealth and success ジュイチョイジョンボウ
心想事成 心想事成 xīn  xiǎng  shì  chéng sam1 soeng2 si6 sing4  May all your wishes come true サムソョンシーセン
生意 生意興隆 shēng yì xīng lóng saang1 ji3 hing1 lung4  May your business flourish サーンイーヘンロン
一帆风顺 一帆風順 yī fān fēng shùn jat1 faan4 fung1 seon6  May things go smoothly for you ヤッファンフォンシュン
业进 學業進步 xué yè jìn bù hok6 jip6 zeon3 bou6  May you excel in your studies  ホッイップジョンボウ
青春常 青春常駐 qīng chūn cháng zhù cing1 ceon1 soeng4 zyu3  Wish you youthful vigor forever チェンチュンションジュー
步步高升 步步高升 bù bù gāo shēng bou6 bou6 gou1 sing1  May every step take you higher ボウボウゴウシン
就手 橫財就手 hèng cái  jiù  shǒu waang4 coi4 zau6 sau2 May you have unexpected wealth easily ワンチョイジャウサウ

When you see your Chinese friends during the Chinese New Year, why don't you try to speak some of the above blessing words to surprise them? ✌👀😏😎

Happy New Year!
Wish you a healthy and wealthy year.

Thank you very much for reading.
See you~~~

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