Saturday, August 6, 2016

你聽過Nagomi Visit嗎?不一樣的新日本旅遊體驗 Nagomi Visit

近年到日本旅遊的海外遊客增多,日本本土都不斷開拓專為旅客而想的新事業。世界各地很多人都對日本的和文化充滿大好奇和興趣,不過很多時候又不一定有HOMESTAY或短期留學的時間和金錢。就算多來幾次日本旅行,也不一定能跟獲得跟當地的日本人交流的機會。其實現在除了住民宿外,大家可能還有興趣到底有沒有其他能在短時間便能體驗到一些日本本地人的生活呢?最近,媒體都開始有介紹一個名為ʻNagomi Visitʻ的服務。

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如果已經玩膩了一般的日本觀光行程或是希望跟當地的日本人透過一些家庭料理作一些更深入的文化體驗,這個Nagomi Visit服務可能會是一個不錯的選擇。



Have you ever heard of 'Nagomi Visit'? A new service for foreign tourist visitors in Japan

There has been an increasing number of foreign tourists visiting Japan in recent years. As a result, there are various new services targeted for foreign visitors. Although people all over the world seem to have great interest about the Japanese culture, people may not have enough time or money for a local homestay or a short study plan in Japan. Even though people who visit Japan several times may not have opportunities to have contact with the local Japanese people to understand more about the real Japanese culture. Recently, there is a service called 'Nagomi Visit', getting more and more well-known.

The founder believes that 'loving delicious food' is a universal concept. In addition, when she visited a local family and had a home meal with them in Denmark, she got very impressed and touching. Therefore, she also wants to develop such kind of services in Japan. She hopes that even foreign tourists can gain some different visit experience through having homemade meals with the local Japanese families. This service is getting more and more popular. Not only the Japanese host families, but also the foreign tourist visitors appreciate this kind of service greatly. This service is gaining a lot of positive feedbacks.

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