Friday, March 10, 2017

Yayoi Kusama: My Eternal Soul, Infinity Mirror Rooms, Huge Pumpkin,The National Art Center, Tokyo

Last weekend, I went to the 'Yayoi Kusama: My Eternal Soul' (草間彌生:わが永遠の魂) exhibition. 

There are many famous brands and celebrities working together with this well-known artist for some products all over the world. In fact, not only the local Japanese people, it seems that there are also many foreign visitors going for this exhibition. The day I went there, the long queue waiting for the payment of the purchased goods took about 40-50 minutes. Fortunately, there was no need to wait for buying the entrance tickets. Although this well-known artist is already over 80+ years old, you can feel that she is still very enthusiastic in her work.

If you would like to read this piece of information in Chinese, please refer to the following:

In this exhibition, you can see a wide variety of masterpieces. Especially if you are someone who is interested in the work of Yayoi Kusama, this exhibition is highly recommended.

In the starting area, there are about 140 pieces of work and several real objects being shown. In this area, you can take photographs.

In another room, you can see works of the early period (about 30 pieces), works of the New York period (about 30 pieces), literature/books (about 31 pieces), works of Yayoi Kusama's 21st century period (about 5 pieces), works of back-to-Japan period (about 30 pieces) and so on. Photographs are not allowed in this area.

You may check the officially-recommended highlights from the following link:

Among all these amazing works, I personally like the Infinity Mirror Rooms the most. Visitors can walk through this romantic and dreamy space to EXPERIENCE and FEEL the work by themselves. It is really very beautiful! Marvelous!

After enjoying the inner-room exhibition works, you can enjoy several outer-room exhibition works. Among these works, I think the Huge Pumpkin is the most popular photo-taking spot.

After enjoying all exhibition works, you may take a look at the goods. Next to the store, there is actually another room for visitors to experience creating something. In the entrance of this room, visitors are provided with a piece of paper which contains several circle-shaped stickers of different colors. Then visitors can place these circle-shaped stickers wherever they like.
Except chairs, there are also other furnitures. This is a work created together by the visitors. Interesting!


Although I am not someone who knows or loves ART very much, some works even look too avant-garde for me (just personally), some works even look too abstract for me (just personally), I can feel that this well-known artist is really devoting her life (including her heart, soul and physical health) passionately to her work.

In conclusion, this is really an amazing exhibition showing a wide variety of Yayoi Kusama's great works. Especially if you are someone who knows Yayoi Kusama quite well and loves her works, this is really an exhibition highly recommended for you!

Extra information about this exhibition
草間彌生: わが永遠の魂
Yayoi Kusama: My Eternal Soul

22nd February 2017 (Wednesday) ~ 22nd May 2017 (Monday)

Opening hours:
Closed every Tuesday (except 2nd May (Tuesday))
10:00 - 18:00   (Friday: until 20:00)
*29th April (Saturday) ~ 7th May (Sunday)  (Everyday, Open until 20:00)

Ticket Fees:
1600 JPY

The National Art Center, Tokyo
Kokuritsu Shin Bijutsukan


By train
 ◉Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line 

  •  Nogizaka Station 
  • Direct access from Exit 6
  • ◉Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line 
  • Roppongi Station 
  • Approximately 5-minute walk from Exit 4
  • ◉Toei Oedo Subway Line 
     Roppongi Station 
     Approximately 4-minute walk from Exit 7