Friday, March 17, 2017

How does the JR Train Suite Shiki Shima (四季島列車) look like?

In 2016, the plan to make the gorgeous 'Train Suite Shiki Shima (四季島列車)' by JR became a hot topic. The concepts and images were discussed widely. Several days ago, JR reviewed the final 'REAL' product to the public. From the media, we could see the facilities are really gorgeous and even small ornaments etc. are strictly selected. This train will start to work from May 2017. Although the prices may not be that cheap, at this moment, from May 2017~ November 2017, there will be no vacancies at all. Wow~

They are now inviting visitors to book from December 2017~ March 2018

For more official details, please check the following link:

In addition, if you are interested in knowing how this train really looks like and what kind of facilities are available, please check the following movie for a deeper understanding:
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Photo Source: Official Homepage