Saturday, April 29, 2017

Tokaen, Wisteria, Original Photos, Usijima, Japan, Saitama, Seasonal flowers

Today, I went to the Tokaen ~ the Wisteria in Usijima for a healing trip. 
(藤の牛島, 牛島の藤花園)😀✌✌👀

The Wisteria there were really EXTREMELY amazing! 
Even I just took the following photos by my simple smart phone, the photos still look quite good (personally). Really a wonderland~~~ 

In addition, the Wisteria were having a sweet smell (however, you may need to pay attention to the insects and bees etc.) 😱😱

(All the pictures shown here are original photos taken by my simple smart phone. 
Even the below one is an original photo ^^)

       You need to get to the Fujino Usijima station.😏  The easy-to-understand arrows/instructions will lead you to the Tokaen without troubles.👍👏

                                 The entrance fee costs 1000 JPY. 😳

Then, let's enjoy the beautiful sweet Wisteria~~~👀🙈😙

Next, we should pay attention to the Famous old tree as well.
It is said that this old tree is about 1200 years old 😱😱 Yes, 1200~

Although the following tree is not a famous tree, it looks pretty unique as well.

Until now, almost all were long Wisteria (they look elegant).
Do the short Wisteria look cute/kawaii? 😄😉😎

Thanks for reading. 
Hope that you love these photos as well。
All pictures shown here are original photos.

Tokaen〜the Wisteria in Usijima (Official Website):

Last but not least, let me show you the Kanji for the Wisteria once again for reference. 🙊