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In the Chinese drama 'The Flame's Daughter (Lie Huo Ru Ge)', which male character do you like the most?

The popular Chinese drama <The Flame's Daughter>, casted by the pretty actress Dilraba Dilmurat and the handsome actor Vic Zhou (Zhou Yumin) has got a huge popularity. In addition to the excellent story details and the beautiful theme songs, almost all the actors and actresses in this drama have excellent visual looks and excellent acting performance. Really a wonderful drama! 😘😘😘 Good Job!

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Concerning the story, there are several male characters who are really very eye-catching. Here, I would like to pick up several male characters to try out a rank list.😏😏💃  I am going to analyze simply in 3 big aspects (romantic love, family love, social morality).

*Actually before making a summary for the overall general ranking, I have made some more detailed comments for each aspect and each character. If you want to 'explore' more details about my non-professional comments, please read further patiently until the end. 😂🙌 😏 Thank you!

Character Rank for romantic love Rank for family love Rank for social morals (Jianghu) Average rank Final rank
Yin Xue 1 5 3 3 2
Yu Zihan 玉自寒 2 2 1 1.67 1
Zhan Feng 战枫 5 4 4 4.33 5
Lei Jinghong 雷惊鸿 4 3 2 3 2
An Yeluo 暗夜罗 3 6 6 5 6
Dao Wuxia刀无暇 6 1 5 4 4

Final Ranking:

1st      Yu Zihan 玉自寒
No surprise! This character is too perfect as a human being.

2nd     Yin Xue 银雪 and  Lei Jinghong 雷惊鸿
Wop! This result shocked me! 😱😱 These 2 characters got the same ranking. Before marking these ranks, my intuition told me that Yin Xue and Yu Zihan should be competing fiercely for the 1st place. Although Yin Xue is still in the 2nd place, I feel a little bit sorry that he surprisingly got the same rank together with Lei Jinghong. Maybe it is because for family love and social morality, I gave Lei Jinghong good ranks. Yin Xue, please forgive me 😔😮😮

4th     Dao Wuxia  刀无暇
Oh my God! Another shocking result! Dao Wuxia has got a higher final rank over Zhan Feng 😰😰😥 Although personally, I do not feel much about Zhan Feng and Dao Wuxia, before marking these ranks, at least, my tuition told me that Zhan Feng did good things more frequently than Dao Wuxia did. Maybe it is because Dao Wuxia has got the 1st place for showing great family love, This '1st place' helped push him up a bit. 😧😥😏😃

5th     Zhan Feng  战枫
Although I do not have much emotional feelings about Zhan Feng, I got surprised that he got a lower ranking than Dao Wuxia. Based on this result, I come to realize that maybe in my heart, this male character stands a bit closer to the dark side.

6th     An Yeluo    暗夜罗
No wonder! Being the Big Boss of the dark side, this character deserves the last place. If he did not perform so crazily about his romantic love (so eye-catching) and did make several funny scenes in the drama, I may not pick up him for consideration.  So please don't think that I am crazy so I have picked up this crazy character. 😹😬😬

If you want to know more details about my non-professional subjective thoughts about these characters, please read further. 😉😉🙈🙋 Thank you!

Lucky candidates😯:
✔︎ Yin Xue  银雪
✔︎ Yu Zihan  玉自寒
✔︎ Zhan Feng  战枫
✔︎ Lei Jinghong  雷惊鸿
✔︎ An Yeluo  暗夜罗
✔︎ Dao Wuxia  刀无暇

3 Big Aspects:
✔︎ Performance for Romantic Love
✔︎ Performance for Family Love
✔︎ Performance for Social Morality (Jianghu)

Performance for Romantic Love:

1st    Yin Xue  银雪

Yin Xue loves Ruge very much. Concerning Ruge's decision, he always gives support and trust unconditionally. If Yin Xue just needs to protect himself and Ruge, he may not get hurt so frequently. Sometimes, when Ruge wants to save and help the people around her, Yin Xue was even risking his own life to help Ruge to make Ruge happy. If I do not give him the 1st place for romantic love, I cannot forgive myself.😏🙌

2nd    Yu Zihan  玉自寒

Yu Zihan always protects and takes care of Ruge unconditionally. Although he loves Ruge very much, he does not force Ruge to answer his love. He just suffers the hard feelings alone by himself. He also gives Ruge endless trust and support. Writing a romantic love story with such a good guy should be a happy thing. 💕💗 Don't you think so?

3rd     An Yeluo  暗夜罗

Definitely, this big boss of the dark side did no good to the society (Jianghu). Moreover, he was trying to get revenge on the world. However, I feel a bit pity about him on his love fate. Although it seems that he wanted to get everything in the world, his ultimate desire might be the success of getting together with An Yeming. Towards the end, if Ruge did not make use of his vigorously-crazy love for An Yeming to give him a fatal attack, I guess nobody could hurt An Yeluo. Concerning the romantic love, I rank him the 3rd place (quite high rank) because once he loved someone, he dared to love and did not let go so easily. He did not care about the rules and just wanted to stay together with the one he loved under any circumstances. He dared to fight for his own love. Whenever there was something related to An Yeming, he lost his thinking power and became very vulnerable. You can obviously see that he did love An Yeming very very very much even he was not loved. Therefore, I rank him the 3rd place not because that I am crazy, but just because personally, he was a better man than Zhan Feng and Lei Jinghong concerning the romantic love performance. 🙏😱😹😹

4th     Lei Jinghong  雷惊鸿

There is no wonder that Lei Jinghong loves Dao Liexiang. However, for the good sake of society morality, he killed Dao Liexiang's two brothers by himself. When he killed the younger brother accidentally, although Dao Liexiang got shocked and sad, she still forgave him and protected him. However, on his wedding with Dao Liexing, he killed the eldest brother by giving him the most fatal attack in front of Dao Liexiang. Frankly speaking, he did not need to kill Dao Wuxia by himself since there were so many people already attacking Dao Wuxia at that time. Why he had to betray Dao Liexiang (the woman who loves him so much) and put her into such an embarrassingly desperate situation. Although Dao Liexiang's two brothers were so wicked, they treated Dao Liexiang very well and really treasured this youngest sister very much. Loving a guy like Lei Jinghong who only talks about 'absolutely right morals' may not be a happy thing. You might need to get yourself well-prepared to sacrifice your love when he needs to 'save' the world. 😩🙈

5th    Zhan Feng  战枫

Although he loves Ruge and he does care about  Ruge very much, he once chose 'Revenge' rather than 'Ruge'. He may be considered as a self-centered person who cares more about his own feelings and ambitions.
*Got a little bit surprised that I have given him a lower rank? haha
Personally, he was lucky enough that Ruge once loved him truly. It is quite difficult for two people to meet, to know and then to love each other mutually. He did not treasure such a precious love. I do not appreciate his attitudes towards his love affairs.  😞😟🙊

6th    Dao Wuxia   刀无暇

This superficially-good erotic gentleman was actually calculating many things. Although he did save a servant in the beginning, he loved many women. He could not be considered as a good man/husband. Therefore, about the romantic love performance, he got the last place.😎😂😂


Performance for Family Love:

1st    Dao Wuxia  刀无暇

If Dao Wuxia did not give me such a great impact on his family love towards Dao Liexiang, I may not pick him up as one of the lucky candidates. 😏

Dao Liexiang herself also said that although she did not agree on what her two brothers did, her brothers did try their best to provide her with a comfortable life after their parents passed away. Although Dao Wuxia once forced Dao Liexiang to marry Zhan Feng (such a selfish brother!), he finally agreed Dao Liexiang to marry Lei Jinghong. Dao Wuxia was very cruel to other people. However, he loved Dao Liexiang truly.

On Dao Liexiang's wedding, Dao Wuxia was feeling happy for her. Although Dao Wuxia should be fated to have a sad ending since he did so many bad things, one scene won my tears. When Dao Wuxia was dying in Dao Liexiang's arms, he gently comforted Dao Liexiang by saying softly that 'Don't cry! Don't cry!'. Even when he was dying, he still cared about his sister!😭😭 Although he asked Dao Liexiang not to cry for him, I did cry for him at that scene.😰😥😭 No wonder, Dao Wuxia was a wicked man. However, when you consider his grow-up background as the eldest child in a family without parents' care, his life was actually not that easy.

2nd    Yu Zihan  玉自寒

Yu Zihan shows great love and respect to Ruge's family. He treats his close servants as his brothers and sisters. In stead of fighting against his brother for becoming the King, he wanted to help his brother to become a good King.

3rd    Lei Jinghong  雷惊鸿

Even if there were so many misunderstandings and hostile incidents, he had family love towards Xun Yi and An Yejue. Moreover, he was always trying his best to protect Feng Huang who had helped him so much. Since Dao Wuxia killed many of  his people from Pi Li Men, he killed Dao Wuxia on his wedding ( the wedding with Dao Liexiang). We may see that he cares about family love and social morality more than romantic love.

4th     Zhan Feng   战枫

In order to take revenge for his dead parents, he sacrificed his love. It was such a tragic fate that actually he indirectly killed his real father. Lie Ming Jing had been raising him as his own son for so many years, even Zhan Feng himself had a great feeling towards Lie Ming Jing. However, why Zhan Feng had never thought of leaving Lie Ming Jing and forgetting about the revenge might be another option. Therefore, it is quite hard for me to identify whether he cares about family love or not.

5th     Yin Xue  银雪

If I consider Yin Xue's apprentices and teacher as his family members, Yin Xue definitely treats his love with Ruge the most important thing. In order to save Ruge and help Ruge, Yin Xue risked his own life several times. Yin Xue's apprentices and teacher helped Yin Xue in those difficult situations. However, after they saved Yin Xue again and again, Yin Xue did not treasure his own life that much. Yin Xue still chose to risk his own life for Ruge again and again. Therefore, I give Yin Xue the highest rank in romantic love performance and a lower rank in family love performance.

6th      An Yeluo  暗夜罗

I could not feel any family love from this big boss of the dark side. In order to become the master of the whole family (An He Gong), it was said that he killed the former master. He forced An Yeming (his elder sister who brought up him) to marry him. In the end, An Yeming and Zhan Feitian killed themselves and he had only got painful memories and regrets which he could never make up. He made use of An Yejue's feelings to bring him benefits (An Yejue was his younger sister). When An Yeluo lost his temper, he even scolded and hit An Yejue without feeling guilty.


Performance for Social Morality:

1st    Yu Zihan  玉自寒

Yu Zihan shows great love and respect towards his teacher and close people around him. He helped his brother to become a good King. In addition, he sacrificed himself (by losing freedom and health) to fight against An He Gong. Although he loves Ruge very much, he never forced Ruge to answer his love. When Zhan Feng refused to get married with Ruge in front of many people, Yu Zihan acted very smartly to keep Ruge's face. Yu Zihan has both excellent IQ and excellent EQ.

2nd    Lei Jinghong  雷惊鸿

On his wedding with Dao Liexiang, he killed Dao Liexiang's eldest brother in front of Dao Liexiang, he chose social morality rather than romantic love! I have deducted some points for his romantic love performance, so here I would like to give him more points for his social morality performance. Even he had family love towards An Yejue, he understood that An Yejue deserved such ending and did not blame Lie Huo Shan Zhuang. He is always trying to protect those close people who are staying around him. So I counted him as a person who talks about social morality.

3rd     Yin Xue  银雪

Before falling in love with Ruge, it was said that Yin Xue was also a murderer who loved killing people!? Because of Ruge, he saved the society (Jianghu) several times. However, as we could see that, he did good to the society because of Ruge, not because of his social morality. Therefore, compared with Yu Zihan and Lei Jinghong, Yin Xue got few points for social morality performance.

4th    Zhan Feng  战枫

This character is a bit complicated. He has a tragic fate. Whenever people who he cares about have life threats, he feels very nervous. He wants to take revenge for those people who he cares about. He indirectly killed Lie Ming Jing (who was found to be his real father later) who had been raising him up as his own son. Even though he knew Ruge loved him, he sacrificed his love for Ruge and wanted to take the revenge. When he had put wrong trust in An He Gong and An Yeluo, he wiped off his conscience to kill the people from Duan Lei Zhuang. I do not think that he cares about the social morality. He is a kind of self-centered person who cares about his own values and intentions only.

5th    Dao Wuxia  刀无暇

Superficially, Dao Wuxia stood for the justice side. In fact, he was working together with An Yeluo/ An He Gong as well. He wanted to become the master of the justice side by using An Yeluo's power. Then, maybe one day when he got enough power to fight against An Yeluo, he could become the highest master of the whole society (Jianghu). Except family love, I do not think that this character had good romantic love performance and good social morality performance.

6th    An Yeluo  暗夜罗

Since this big boss of the dark side was feeling very heartbroken and desperate, he wanted to take revenge on the world. As a result, this kind of social morality was definitely insulated from him.


Do you want to try out your own ranking for the male characters?
Who will win your 1st place? 😏😎😉😬

Character Rank for romantic love Rank for family love Rank for social morals (Jianghu) Average rank Final rank
Yin Xue 1 5 3 3 2
Yu Zihan 玉自寒 2 2 1 1.67 1
Zhan Feng 战枫 5 4 4 4.33 5
Lei Jinghong 雷惊鸿 4 3 2 3 2
An Yeluo 暗夜罗 3 6 6 5 6
Dao Wuxia刀无暇 6 1 5 4 4

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