Wednesday, December 28, 2016

New Hot Spot: A wide variety of Japanese Gacha (Capsule toy) machines is placed in the Narita Airport!

In recent years, there has been a rapidly-growing number of foreign tourists visiting Japan. As a result, the Narita Airport is frequently used by foreign tourists as well. In addition, Japanese Gacha (capsule toy) culture has been becoming more and more well-known as well. You can see a wide variety of Gacha (Capsule toy) machines in many major stations such as Tokyo station and Akihabara station etc. Certainly not only foreign tourists, but also the local Japanese people enjoy the Gacha Gacha (Capsule toy) machines very well.

Starting from December 2016, 171 Gacha (Capsule toy) machines are placed in the Narita Airport so that foreign tourists may use their leftover coins to enjoy the fun of Gacha (Capsule toy). In addition, since these Gacha machines are placed in the Narita Airport, many of them have great Japanese tastes, so that foreign tourists can use them as souvenirs for their friends or for their own collection. The price may vary by item. Most of them cost about 300 JPY.

Personally, it is really a nice idea for foreign tourists. Maybe next time, you can arrive at the Narita Airport earlier to spend some relaxing time on enjoying these Gacha (capsule toy) machines by using your pocket coins more efficiently ^^

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