Friday, December 9, 2016

Shocking News ~ The Japanese actor Hiroki Narimiya will leave the Japanese entertainment industry

The 34-year-old famous Japanese actor Hiroki Narimiya (Hiroshige Narimiya, 成宮寬貴) has announced that he will leave the Japanese entertainment industry. In his handwritten letter, he mentions that he has been suffering from great pressure in this industry. His privacy is greatly negatively affected. In addition to the public doubt about his sexuality, a magazine media has reported that he had used drugs. Although he claims that he has already done some tests to prove that he is innocent, he feels extremely depressed since he was betrayed by his trusted friends. He feels very tired, anxious and scared. Therefore, he thinks that the only way he can do is to leave the entertainment industry immediately. He has appreciated his fans' support and is sorry for his leaving. The Japanese public gets shocked greatly.

Perhaps, many people may have just noticed the gorgeous successful life of Hiroki Narimiya. It is rumored that actually he had a hard life in the past.
When he was small, his parents got divorced and his mother passed away soon.
In order to earn for the living and his brother's school fees, he quitted the school and started to work. Since he had the experience of working in a gay bar, his sexuality is always discussed openly by the others. Besides that, it seems that he has been betrayed by his friends several times for selling his privacy to some media.